Our Love Story

If you be my valentine, you will be forever mine. – Jean Paul Malfatti


As Valentine’s Day approaches I can’t help but to feel the love in the air. Not saying that you need a special day to show your significant other how much you love them. Everyday is Valentine’s Day when you’re in love, but riding the wave of all the feels this month. I could not help but to reminisce on the day we got engaged and decided to share our love story to kick off the month of love.

Dawn and Kim's Engagement

           How did we meet?

Dawn: We met on a dating app. After swiping left a few times, Kim was the first person I saw and I had to message her. She wrote me back right away and we exchanged phone numbers that day. Within the hour we were texting back and forth nonstop. I called her that same night. We talked for hours! By the next day, I planned our first date that just so happened to be a few days later during that same week. I will never forget that Kim planned our second date before we even went on the first one. Little did we know that would be the last first date we both would go on.


When did you know you wanted to propose?

Dawn: I knew I wanted to propose to Kim after our first Christmas we spent living together, so technically our 2nd Christmas is when I knew I wanted to start planning this. I loved the feeling and all the love that she brought to our home and I knew I wanted things to be like that forever. 


How was the process of shopping for rings? (was it exciting, stressful or quick?)

Dawn: Finding her ring was way easier and faster than I thought. It was only stressful having to hide this whole thing from her.  Lucky for me, Kim already told me a ton of times what kind of ring she wanted and she may or may not have sent me a few “hinting” text message pictures lol. So when the time came, I knew exactly the ring I wanted for her. January  2018, I went to my jeweler and told him I needed his help designing the perfect engagement ring. We sat down and picked the perfect stone and he had it mounted on a petite band in about two weeks. It was beautiful! To my surprise I did not realize how fast the ring would be done and that left me with 8 months of trying to hide it from her and figuring out when was the right time to propose. Luckily my jeweler was nice enough to let me leave the ring in his safe until the big day.


How did you plan the proposal?

Dawn: I was torn when to propose at first. It was either going to be around Christmas time or in Greece. We were in the mist of planning Kim’s 30th birthday in Greece for that August and the closer we got to the departure date, the more excited she got and I knew it had to be the backdrop to one of the most memorable moments in our lives! Since we planned the vacation so far in advance, it all ended up just falling into place so perfectly! All I have to say is…Thank god for email!! The entire proposal was planned via email and it all went as smooth as could be! Surprise #1 was the proposal… I made reservations for a private dinner  the day before her birthday over looking the ocean at our hotel. It was there I would pop the question. As we sat down and got our first glass of champagne I suggested we take a picture and asked the restaurant manager if he could assist. Little did Kim know that he was in on the whole plan and was really secretly recording a video. As we looked out at Santorini I asked her to spend forever with me. Surprise #2… as we celebrated our engagement I had our suite decorated with rose petals, candles and a bottle of champagne to continue our celebration.  Surprise #3 was tricking her into thinking the photo shoot we set up for the day of your big 3-0 was actually for our birthday, when in fact it was going to be our engagement photoshoot.







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