Burlesque at Duane Park

Picture this…It’s Saturday night, you and your date are enjoying a delicious three course meal with your favorite cocktails. There’s an even more eccentric show in between it all at Duane Park. This is one of the best burlesque shows I have ever seen. The atmosphere is romantic and inviting. The live jazz band and singer takes you back to what music used to be; old New York where burlesque shows have been popular since the 19th century. It felt like the1840s, but it was 2018 at Duane Park.

This was one of my picks for my monthly date nights and we were not disappointed. I am a sucker for a luxurious dinner and throw in the half naked ladies and it was like we were in heaven lol. Sitting candle lit, sipping on a pom pom with my favorite girl was the perfect way to start my date night series. I would definitely recommend this place for date nights, birthdays, or even bachelorette parties. The ladies kept the crowd entertained and there weren’t any bad seats in the entire room.  This, I would have to say, is a pricey date night, so save it for special occasions. Now go out and date, you love birds. Until next time…


 © Photography: Dawn Hasselberger

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